Are You Ready to Visit Peachtree City?

Most people really don’t think much about Georgia when it comes to taking a vacation. Yet, the Georgia coast is quite beautiful and the weather is warm enough to help keep you comfortable when the temperatures are colder up north. That being said, most people don’t visit Georgia to stay unless they are visiting relatives.

If you have not really considered Georgia as a travel destination, you must never have researched Peachtree city. It is a vacation destination that you certainly would want to consider. In fact, it was nominated by Money magazine as one of the best small towns to live in but even if you don’t live there, a visit is still going to help you to slow down and enjoy life.

One of the interesting things about Peachtree city is the fact that there are golf carts everywhere. In fact, there are green belts throughout the area and around a number of lakes that span some 90 miles. These are golf cart paths and you can slow down and take a look at all that the area has to offer from one of those motorized carts.

In addition to seeing life at 15 miles an hour, you also be able to visit some of the most beautiful lakes that the United States has the offer. There are two lakes as well as 3 different golf courses that are world-class. Recreational activities are certainly not limited in the area and regardless of whether you enjoy fine dining, a day out shopping or staying at a luxury hotel, you are sure to enjoy what it has to offer.

Peachtree city is located only 26 miles to the south of Atlanta and it is easily accessible. Why not stop by for a visit this year? You won’t regret it!