Cleaning up after the storm in Peachtree City

PEACHTREE CITY, GA – Folks south of the metro area are spending the day cleaning up. Some people were hit harder than others.

11Alive’s Joe Henke spent Tuesday morning in Peachtree City, where one homeowner had a big mess to clean up — while some of her neighbors were left unscathed.

The storm damage from Tropical Storm Irma coming through Georgia is definitely widespread, but it is also extremely random.

You can come to neighborhoods like this one where I’m at in Peachtree City and you see yards like these ones over here – nothing at all to note. They look like they did 48 hours ago.

Then you come right over here – you see a whole lot of damage and now the clean-up process begins.

From a totaled SUV to a destroyed car — a branch sticking four feet deep into her home’s roof and a broken garage door.

On Tuesday morning, Naomi Duncan was seeing just how bad the damage was outside her home on Ambrose Lane, as she planned with her husband to start cleaning up Monday’s mess.

"The two in the front fell at the same time, almost," she said, talking about the trees in front of the house.

Duncan stepped outside after Irma took down the trees, imagining it couldn’t get any worse.

"Heard another crack and went running that way, and this tree over here fell, too," she said.

Three trees in total, came crashing down in a matter of seconds. And now, comes the day after the storm everyone hopes to avoid.

"Waiting on the insurance adjuster to get here so we can get the trees removed," she said. "We have some rental cars coming. Just praying that insurance is good to us."

But as the insurance process begins, at least there is a bright spot on this cloudy day for Duncan and her two daughters who were inside their home during the storm.

"We had three trees down," she said. "One we can’t even open the garage door, but everybody is safe. We are grateful for that."

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