How The Great Town Of Peachtree City Has Become A Golf Cart Paradise

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In the wonderful state of Georgia just south of metropolitan Atlanta there is a beautiful city of about 35,000 named Peachtree City. It is unique in that it has a complete network of golf cart paths that crisscross the city in such a way that nearly every part is accessible. Since the paths are multi-use, many people use them to jog, walk, ride bikes, and of course, ride golf carts. There are even golf cart parking spots especially designed for them and the police have several patrol carts cruising the paths as well.

Approximately 9,000 Households Own Golf Carts

In a city of 35,000 people, that’s a huge number of carts but they also allow children over the age of 12 are allowed to drive them as long as a parent or guardian are on board. Once a teenager is 15 they can then operate a cart by themselves. This has been a great way for many of the schools and businesses to get more parking spaces in less area since the carts are smaller and use less space. CNN once named this city the eighth best city in the US out of the top 100 and their golf cart pathways were one of the reasons.

As you might have already guessed there are 3 large golf clubs in the city, Planterra Ridge, Braelinn Golf Club, and Flat Creek Country Club all owned by the large Clubcorp which owns nearly 200 golf clubs nationwide. Since there are so many cart paths in the city it’s possible for nearly any resident to ride their golf cart to any one of the three golf clubs using only their carts on paths.

This is a great little city that has found a way to be voted into the top 100 cities in the US several different times. You can learn more about Peachtree city online where they have their own website loaded with visitor information, hotel links, and governmental links as well.

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